The inner world, also referred to as the Spiritual World, sits within us all. 

The Logopraxis Institute exists to support those seeking to explore the deeper aspects of life. It is hoped that what’s offered can provide a doorway as an open invitation to journey within, using spiritual texts as the means for developing an ever-deepening contemplative practice. While this journey is unique for each individual the Institute recognises that it is best taken with companions and so offers a community of practice through its small group network.

The term Logopraxis means, “to practice the Word,” from the Greek words Logos, meaning Word, and Praxis, meaning to practise. It is a process orientated approach for working with spiritual principles that are drawn from the Bible and expounded upon in the doctrines for Spiritual Christianity. In these works we find a comprehensive account of Emanuel Swedenborg’s direct experience of how these universal principles govern the inner structures and processes of the human mind or spirit. 

When these principles are used to reflect upon the quality of our patterns of thinking and feeling, they have the power to bring to our awareness those things that exert a hidden influence which impact on the quality of our life. In giving conscious attention to what is seen, working with spiritual texts can transform our relationship to life through nurturing our connection with the Divine, who is the One and Only Life of all. 

We extend a warm welcome to you as you explore and engage with the material on this site. May it inspire you towards a truly transformative spiritual practice with the Word.