• On the surface, the story of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples is a heart-warming narrative about a master caring for his servants (see John chapter 13).  But when we learn that water represents truth and Jesus represents the Word it takes on a new meaning for us about how the Text serves us in our spiritual life. Can you think of other examples of how the exterior text has transformed for you in this way?
  • You will likely have feelings and thoughts that you have historically associated with the word ‘repentance’. How do these sit for you now with the knowledge that in the original Greek text the word is ‘metanioa’ which means ‘to change one’s mind’.
  • It can be useful choosing a consistent time of day to dedicate to reflecting on your work, and valuable if this is something that can be built into your daily routine. It will allow you the space to sit with what comes up for you during the rest of the day, knowing that you will have the time later to give it the attention it needs. If you haven’t done so already, then this might be something you can consider before moving on.
  • Also, be mindful of allowing yourself enough time between each module to let the ideas and work percolate. One day might be enough for you, or a few days or longer. Keep journalling your insights and thoughts.
  • This type of inner reflective work can give rise to states of resistance or conflict, as well as opening up many questions. If you would like to talk with someone to explore this more, then please Contact Us.

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