Building Conscious Attention

Logopraxis encourages us to try to view the Text as descriptive of our own states of mind. In other words, it all has to do with structures and process of consciousness. Just remembering this or keeping it in the forefront of our mind when we are reading can be an aid to experiencing the Text differently to that of a casual reading. Of course the descriptions in the Text are overlaid with the natural imagery of person, place, time and space which makes doing this for any length of time challenging.

Try this – Here is a simple exercise for reading with attention in this way. The aim is to observe how the mind tends to bring us down into what is natural.

  1. Select a paragraph of the Text and start reading. Hold in mind the principle that it is describing states of mind/consciousness.
  2. When you recognise that your attention has been drawn down into the literal meaning of the words, say to yourself –“This is describing states of consciousness in me” and try to hold your attention in this idea as you read further.
  3. You are not reading for meaning here, but training your attention. Just repeat this statement every time you find you are not present to the act of reading. The object of the exercise is to get a sense of how strong the pull into the natural features of the Text is, without getting frustrated due to the Text not yielding up what you hoped for.

Repeat this each day, over a number of days, for at least 5 minutes. Use a fresh portion of Text each time.

Here is a number that gives a rationale for the above exercise…

By repeated experience I have been granted the knowledge that the Word is for man a means of communication with heaven. When I read through the Word, from the first chapter of Isaiah to the end of Malachi, and also the Psalms of David, keeping my thoughts fixed on the spiritual sense, I was granted a clear perception that each verse communicated with some community in heaven, and that thus the whole Word communicated with heaven as a whole. From this fact it became clear that just as the Word is the Lord, so too the Word is heaven, since heaven’s being heaven comes from the Lord, and the Lord by means of the Word is the all in all of heaven.  True Christian Religion 272

Logopraxis sees the very act of reading the Text as a spiritual exercise in conscious attention, and in this we strive to divide our attention into an observing side and an observed side, and watch our inner responses to the Text while in the act of reading. In this way we can be sensitive to how the Text is reaching out to us and what it is offering for us to see and take note of.


  1. Barbara Glenn

    Thank you, David. It takes time to absorb how Logopraxis can affect my life and suggestions like this really help.

    • David Millar

      Hi Barbara – yes it’s an ongoing process of re-learning how to be with the Word – good to hear this has been able to support you on your Logopraxis journey

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