Who Is Jesus Christ?

A 20-minute reflective video experience of Jesus Christ as the Logos that is living. Jesus Christ and the Word, are one and the same. Each offers a different manifestation of the Divine Human but presents the same origin. This presentation explores the distinction of origin and manifestation in more depth, specifically in relation to Divine revelation as it unfolds and is perceived in the finite experience, and of how a confounding of the two is at the root of all human suffering.


Hope, from the perspective of Spiritual Christianity, is not the same kind of hope that is spoken of in day-to-day life. It is not the hope that we have grown accustomed to. The places that each type of hope leads us to are quite different.  Natural hope and spiritual hope however, both begin with a state of grief and loss – a lack of hope.

The Text Is Studying Us – A New Way Of Reading

Some simple tips on how to split our attention as we read the Text and why… If we can approach the Text with an openness to receiving what it is the Lord has to say to us, then what we observe, what is reflected back, what catches our attention, what we are drawn to… will give us an indication about where our specific work lies in terms of our spiritual regeneration.

The Teacher In The Temple (Part 1)

On the surface this is a story of the young boy Jesus astonishing the teachers in the temple courts with his understanding of the Text. But when examined from a spiritual perspective it offers us a story about how truth first enters the holy space within us, and teaches and astonishes. This article also introduces the reader to the concepts of the Logopraxis approach, both individually and within group life.

Swedenborg’s “Heaven And Hell” Through A Logopraxis Lens

As with all spiritual material, the work Heaven and Hell deals with mental structures and processes that we experience as states of mind i.e., states of thinking and feeling. In recounting the “things heard and seen” Swedenborg offers us a psycho-spiritual map that can guide us on our own inner journey. Using the Logopraxis approach we can come to appreciate the Heaven and Hell text in a way that opens up profound insights into the evolution of human consciousness and the laws that govern its organisation and development.

Manifestations Of A Mandelbrot

This video takes the viewer on an exploration of the Mandelbrot Set as an illustration of spiritual processes and experiences. “The finite cannot comprehend it because it cannot contain the infinite; and it can comprehend it … because there are abstract ideas by means of which the existence of things can be seen, if not the nature of them.” Divine Providence 46