Easter Reflections (6 short audios)

This 6-part series of 15 minute audio reflections explores the similarities in the stories of Lazarus being raised from the dead and Jesus’s resurrection. And then of how both illustrate the processes that must unfold within each of us regarding our understanding of Word as the Lord.

When The Word Becomes Flesh

A reflection on the passion of the cross. On the way that Jesus is treated, the events that unfold and the way in which Jesus reacts to them. This is our own personal story of the Word moving and fluctuating in different lights of understanding and affections of love within us – and of the states of mind that resist.

Truth On Trial

There is a part of us that, like the religious authorities of Jesus’ time, is unwilling to face up to certain spiritual responsibilities that we are obligated to perform in the face of our understanding of truths and in how they relate to areas of our life that we need to deal with, if we are to grow into our full potential as spiritual beings.