Short Courses

Short, self-directed courses to facilitate a deepening of the experience of the Word working in our life.

Of all the branches of human knowledge, none is of greater importance to the psychological and spiritual health of the human mind than instruction in those principles that look to establish a conscious relationship with the source of Life Itself. This instruction however is not merely an intellectual acquisition but is one that looks to the application of this knowledge into our experiences of daily life. It is a work that forms from individual practise as the material is engaged with, and as such is uniquely tailored to the life of each.

The Logopraxis Institute therefore invites you to embark upon a personal exploration into the material that is offered through these short courses in Spiritual Christianity. Our hope is that it will be an enriching experience and able to support you to delve deeper into the spiritual meaning of the Word, and in so doing provide you with an increasing sense of the Divine presence in your life and mind.

We extend a warm welcome to you as you join our community of seekers. May your journey be filled with discovery, illumination, and a growing connection to what makes us truly human.

An Introduction To Spiritual Christianity

This series explores some of the key concepts that form the basis for Spiritual Christianity. It looks to unravel the intricacies of spiritual development embedded in the Word, unveiling the laws that govern and shape both the individual and collective consciousness and hence our journey towards a more profound connection with the Divine. Each subsection contains between 8-12 modules consisting of: a short 4-8 minute video, a set of multiple choice and reflective questions, and some meditative and creative art tasks for further contemplation on the material presented ...

Divine Consciousness

This 7-part series has been designed with the intent of taking the seeker on a journey of deeper discovery into the concept of Divine Consciousness. The images, questions and quotes from the doctrines of Spiritual Christianity are offered to ignite thoughts and perceptions in relation to the seeker’s own personal experiences. Thus, they are by no means exhaustive of the topic, which is in itself is infinite in how it may be expressed and made manifest. Each module offers a short video with a question (4 mins) and optional further exploration material ...

The Processes Of Spiritual Awakening

This 3-part series supports the seeker to explore their own awakening journey into spiritual life and work. The images of Solomon's Temple and the descriptions found in Heaven and Hell of waking in the spiritual world, are used as a backdrop for the development of personal questions and insights. Each module offers a short video (3-7mins) and 3-4 reflective questions ...

Inner reflective work can give rise to states of resistance or conflict, as well as opening up many questions.