The Processes Of Spiritual Awakening

This 3-part series explores the idea that when viewed as a whole, the Temple presents an image of the structures of the human mind. These structures can be seen in the process of awakening to spiritual life as described in Heaven and Hell (see paragraphs 491-520, PDF below) and hence allows us to draw connections to our own experience in our work with the Word, and in what It awakens for us in. The descriptions of Solomon’s Temple can be found in 1 Kings Chapter 5-8 & Chronicles Chapter 3 and 4.

There are three parts to the Temple as also reflected in the three main sections below. Each modules contains a short video between 3-7 minutes and 3-4 reflective questions.

  1. What Is Logopraxis? (6 mins)
  2. The Natural and Spiritual Man/Mind (3 mins)
  3. The Three States Of Awakening To Spiritual Life (7 mins)
  4. The Lord’s House (2 mins)
  5. The Temple And The Three States (5 mins)
  6. The Washing Of The Truths Of Faith (9 mins)
  7. The Sacrifice Of Ownership (8 mins)
  1. The Acknowledgement Of The Lord As The Word (5 mins)
  2. States Of Feeling Separated (4 mins)
  3. From Knowledge To Genuine Truth (4 mins)
  4. The Altar Of Perception (4 mins)
  5. Metanoia (6 mins)
  1. The Opening Of The Celestial Mind (6 mins)
  2. The Fullness Of The House (4 mins)
  3. Living From The Soul Of The Word (6 mins)
  4. Commune With The Word (5 mins)