Part 2 – The Holy Place


  1. Ian Keal

    Could you post a printed copy of the numbers used, or the text for the Part 2 presentation? Thank you So much.

    • Sarah Walker

      Hi Ian

      Here are the numbers I used in the written article that the presentation was based on. I have used parts of them in this video but even these numbers I am posting here aren’t the full number.

      Here is a link also to the 3 part written article on the temple as it relates to the awakening series. The Part 2 video here is based on the comments around the spiritual mind/second state of interiors which spans across part 2 and 3 of the original written article. So here is the link for Part 2 of the written article- you’ll be able to print the PDF there if you would like to. ( Hope that makes sense!)

      AE 790 (6)

      The spiritual mind is primarily opened by man’s abstaining from doing evils because they are contrary to the Divine commandments in the Word. If man abstains from evils from any other fear than this the spiritual mind is not opened. 

      The following are the reasons why this is what opens the spiritual mind: 

      First, that the evils with man must be removed before communication and conjunction with heaven can be granted him; since evils, which are all in the natural man, keep heaven closed, and yet heaven must be opened, for otherwise man remains natural. 

      The second reason is that the Word is from the Lord, and consequently the Lord is in the Word, even so that He is the Word; for the Word is Divine truth all of which is from the Lord. From this it follows that he who abstains from doing evils because they are contrary to the Divine commandments in the Word abstains from them from the Lord.

      HH 506

      All that have lived a good life in the world and have acted from conscience, who are such as have acknowledged the Divine and have loved Divine truths, especially such as have applied those truths to life, seem to themselves, when let into the state of their interiors, like one aroused from sleep into full wakefulness, or like one passing from darkness into light

      … They then acknowledge the Lord and worship Him from their very life, for being in the state of their interiors they are in their proper life; and as freedom pertains to interior affection they then acknowledge and worship the Lord from freedom. 

       Thus, too, they withdraw from external sanctity and come into that internal sanctity in which worship itself truly consists.

      AC 1999(4)

      These internals of men have no life in themselves, but are forms recipient of the Lord’s life. Insofar therefore as a man is in evil, whether actual or hereditary, so far has he been as it were separated from this internal which is the Lord’s and with the Lord, and thereby so far has he been separated from the Lord; 

       for although this internal has been adjoined to man, and is inseparable from him, nevertheless insofar as he recedes from the Lord, so far he as it were separates himself from it. 

       But the separation is not an absolute sundering from it, for then the man could no longer live after death; 

       but it is a dissent and disagreement on the part of those faculties of his which are below, that is, of his rational and of his external man. 

       Insofar as there is dissent and disagreement, there is disjunction from the Lord; but insofar as there is not dissent and disagreement, the man is conjoined with the Lord through the internal, which takes place insofar as the man is in love and charity, for love and charity conjoin. Such is the case with man.

      AE 790 (6) 

      So much respecting the opening of the spiritual mind. Something shall now be said about its formation. The spiritual mind is formed from those things that are in man’s memory from the Word; for the memory is the storehouse 

       … those things that are from the Word in man’s storehouse mentioned above, are drawn forth and purified by the Lord, and genuine truths are there discriminated and separated from falsities; for man’s spiritual mind can be formed only out of genuine truths, since heaven is in no other. 

      …. those truths are elevated by the Lord in a wonderful manner, and become spiritual; 

      … the truths that are elevated into the spiritual mind are not in a natural but in a spiritual form. Truths in a spiritual form are such as are in the spiritual sense of the Word, but truths in a natural form are such as are in the natural sense of the Word; that these are distinct, and yet make one by correspondences, 

      … For this reason, when man after death becomes a spirit and his spiritual mind is opened, he no longer thinks and speaks naturally, but spiritually.

       HH 506(2)

      When such in the other life enter into the state of their interiors, and are heard speaking and seen acting, they appear foolish; for from their evil lusts they burst forth into all sorts of abominations, into contempt of others, ridicule and blasphemy, hatred and revenge; they plot intrigues, some with a cunning and malice that can scarcely be believed to be possible in any man). 

      HH 511

      The separation of evil spirits from good spirits is effected by various means; in general by their being taken about to those societies with which in their first state they had communication by means of their good thoughts and affections, thus to those societies that they had induced to believe by outward appearances that they were not evil. Usually they are led about through a wide circle, and everywhere what they really are is made manifest to good spirits.

       At the sight of them the good spirits turn away; and at the same time the evil spirits who are being led about turn their faces away from the good towards that quarter where their infernal society is, into which they are about to come.

      DSS 7 

      Where the Lord is meant, there also is meant the Word, for the Lord is the Word. 

      Now as the interior things of the Temple represented interior things of heaven and the church (and therefore of the Word), its exterior things represented and signified exterior things of heaven and the church, and therefore exterior things of the Word, which belong to the sense of its letter. 

       DSS 33

      Furthermore, that without the sense of the letter the Word would be like a temple containing many holy things, and in its midst a sanctuary, but without roof and walls, which are its containers, 

      and in the absence or loss of which its holy things would be plundered by thieves, or invaded by beasts of earth and birds of heaven, and thus be dispersed. 

      Or it would be like the Tabernacle (in the inmost of which was the ark of the covenant, and in its middle the golden lampstand, the golden altar for incense, and the table on which were the loaves of faces, which were its holy things) 

      without its ultimates, which were the curtains and veils. 

      Nay, without the sense of the letter, the Word 

      would be like a human body without its coverings which are called skins, and without its supports which are called bones; 

      lacking which supports and coverings all the interior things of the body would fall asunder. 

      HH 512

      this state is for those who come into heaven and become angels. It is not for those who come into hell, because such are incapable of being taught, and therefore their second state is also their third, ending in this, that they are wholly turned to their own love, thus to that infernal society which is in a like love

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