Manifestations Of A Mandelbrot

This video takes the viewer on an exploration of the Mandelbrot Set as an illustration of spiritual processes and experiences.

The reception of the Word, as the Divine Human in our minds, requires an acknowledgment that it is a manifestation of what can never be truly known or grasped because its source is infinite and eternal. In this sense, it is understood then that whatever is being seen and experienced, is an appearance granted to us from the Lord. Regeneration then, is a continual coming of what is Human and creation is a perpetual awakening of our perception to it. 

… From this it follows that as God is Infinite and Eternal, nothing but what is Infinite and Eternal can be predicated of God. But what the Infinite and Eternal is, the finite cannot comprehend …. and yet it can.

The finite cannot comprehend it because it cannot contain the infinite;

and it can comprehend it … because there are abstract ideas by means of which the existence of things can be seen, if not the nature of them. (Divine Providence 46)



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