The Processes Of Spiritual Awakening

This 3-part series supports the seeker to explore their own awakening journey into spiritual life and work. The images of Solomon’s Temple and the descriptions found in Heaven and Hell of waking in the spiritual world, are used as a backdrop for the development of personal questions and insights. Each module offers a short video (3-7mins) and 3-4 reflective questions.

Divine Consciousness

This 7-part series has been designed with the intent of taking the seeker on a journey of deeper discovery into the concept of Divine Consciousness. The images, questions and quotes from the doctrines of Spiritual Christianity are offered to ignite thoughts and perceptions in relation to the seeker’s own personal experiences. Thus, they are by no means exhaustive of the topic, which is in itself is infinite in how it may be expressed and made manifest. Each module offers a short video with a question (4 mins) and optional further exploration material.